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    Talent strategy

    Xiang oil pump has now become the leader of the engine oil pump production enterprises in China, and the talent strategy has been an important part of the development strategy of Xiang oil pump. "People-oriented" is an important concept of Hunan pump enterprise culture, in the humanities of Hunan oil pump, the talent is always the first. On the promotion of talent aggregation and team spirit, Hunan oil pump company is more adept at employing people, people-oriented, and adopts the talent strategy of "attracting people with career, using treatment to stabilize people, and influencing people with emotion". The company has always insisted that the personnel director, everyone is a talent concept, to create a good atmosphere for the development of staff, committed to the creation of tolerance, equality, mutual trust and collaborative working environment, to provide a stage to display their talent for employees.
    Give full scope to the talents
    For decades, Hunan oil adhering to the "integrity, innovation, execution and improvement of" spirit of enterprise, has always been to lead the development of technological innovation, and constantly improve the manufacturing capacity, we always adhere to the "use the best one is his element talent" concept of talent. Enterprises produce products and nurture talents. Excellent enterprises train excellent talents. Talent is cultivated. Learn from doing, learn from doing.