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Our company is China pump internal combustion engine industry association executive director of the unit, and the cooling water pump / Vice pump branch unit, and pump units to develop industry standards, high-tech enterprises, national technology innovation business model, and also is Chinese internal combustion engine industry association confirmed "in domestic gas turbine industry leading enterprises"。
  • Congratulations on the listing of our company
  • Multidigit experts have identified four new prod
  • 擼起袖子加油干——公司開啟智能制造信息化的新紀元
  • Chairman of the company focused on key component
  • Thank you for the letter of Shengrui Transmissio
  • the letter for Weichai Holding Group Co., Ltd. t
  • My company successfully listed
  • 新起點 新征途——董事長致公司全體股東和員工的公開信

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