• Honesty culture

    Sticking to honesty is one of the core features of Hunan oil pump culture. The company is the contract and trustworthy enterprise, AAA grade credit enterprise, tax credit a unit, was also named: users are most satisfied with the engine accessories brand, Hunan Province ten supporting service enterprises in Hunan Province, mechanical equipment industry excellent enterprise quality management.

  • Pragmatic culture

    Human effort is the decisive factor. everything for the customer, to all customers. Pragmatic seeking truth is the style and style of work of Hunan Pump people. "Honest work, seek truth from facts" in the enterprise to give full play to the system of cultural edification, binding force, education and supervision of the binding force of deterrence, to create a "pragmatic" enterprise culture in the enterprise, to boost the healthy development of the enterprise scientific standard.

  • Happiness culture

    The internal power of the sustainable development of Hunan oil pump is built on the cornerstone of the people oriented happiness culture. For many years, we pay attention to the development of each employee, and hope to get the respect of employees through practical care action.